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Gayle's Blog

Who can you believe?

by Gayle Atteberry

gayle atteberry

Occasionally, I receive phone calls from Oregon Right to Life members who have received either a phone call or mail solicitation from a pro-life group they are not familiar with. An urgent pro-life need is explained, along with a strong solicitation for money. “Can I believe them?” is the question asked of me.

There are numerous effective pro-life organizations throughout the country. However, there are also a handful of charlatans who ambitiously prey upon the good hearts of pro-lifers. These bogus groups receive millions of dollars from their telemarketing and mailings, the majority of which goes to the marketers, and almost nothing to pro-life work. How can you evaluate the legitimacy of these mailings or phone calls? Make sure you know the group in some way other than over the phone or through fancy mailings and petitions sent to you. You can also call us. We will be more than happy to sort out the good from the bad. Make sure your hard-earned money really helps save lives!

In this election season, we are inundated with mailings, television ads, and radio commercials from those running for public office. Each candidate says the same thing: “I am the good guy; my opponent is the bad guy.” But that can’t be true for every candidate, so who do you believe?

Special interest groups can be a good source of information because they focus on particular issues and spend time researching candidates’ positions on those issues. Oregon Right to Life’s Political Action Committee goes through a very extensive, time-consuming process to see if a candidate qualifies for an endorsement. Candidates are required to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and are interviewed by the PAC board. The PAC department examines their background, along with circumstances surrounding their specific race. This is all done to ensure that a candidate who receives ORTL Pac’s endorsement is the most reliable and worthy candidate. We want to help you make the very best use of your vote!

Occasionally, a few people are perplexed by an endorsement. People sometimes argue with us because, in reality, they have a different special interest than pro-life and want to justify their vote for another candidate.

If you are reading this, I assume that the protection of innocent human life is among your special interests. If that’s the case, you can have confidence that a candidate endorsed by Oregon Right to Life Political Action Committee is indeed a pro-life candidate you can put trust in!

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